Vibration MAST (Multi-Axis Shake Table) systems

Developed on a bespoke basis Servotest can offer a wide range of multi-axis shake-table systems for multi-axial vibration test work configured to meet specific customer requirements. Servotest also has a proven track-record in the specialist area of 'man-rated' test systems.

MAST systems can be configured to suit a broad range of multi-axis vibration test applications ranging from transportation simulation to vehicle component test.

Man-rated systems are typically used for human-perception studies. Testing with human subjects is a safety-critical application as the system must guard against the possibility of injury associated with an unexpected fault-condition. Typically these systems incorporate multiple hydro-mechanical and electronic safety features to control and limit the forces and velocities that the system can impart to the test subject. Man-rated systems can be offered in uni-axial or multi-axial configurations depending upon the specific test requirements.

Servotest MAST vibration systems are able to take advantage of many of the powerful features of the Servotest Pulsar multi-channel digital servo-control system. These include options for running either block-cycle loading or time-history data by utilising the power of the EzFlow test sequencing software and ICS control/analysis capability.

With MAST systems dedicated real-time DSP computer code is used to translate the individual and combined actuator motions into physical coordinate motions, typically linear x-, y- & z- spatial motion degrees-of-freedom with associated rotational motions. Referred to as 'modal' control this greatly simplifies test setup and execution.

Dedicated schematic displays are used to display system status information and related measured and/or calculated data. These displays are user-configurable allowing the display (or displays) to be optimised for different aspects of the test system operation.

For further information please download our Vibration MAST Systems brochure or contact us at our Egham office.