Inertial vibrator systems

Developed on a bespoke basis Servotest can offer an inertial mass vibration-generation system configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Typically used for civil-structural studies inertial mass vibration-generation systems can be used to apply controlled loading waveforms or profiles to large-scale structures. These systems are particularly well-suited to field-applications where it is not possible to provide a physical reaction structure for the actuator to push against.

Servotest inertial vibration systems are able to take advantage of many of the powerful features of the Servotest Pulsar multi-channel digital servo-control system.

These include options for running either block-cycle loading or time-history seismic data by utilising the power of the EzFlow test sequencing software and ICS control/analysis capability.

For further information please download our High-Performance Vibration Systems brochure or contact us at our Egham office.