Other high-rate examples

Servotest is able to design and manufacture custom high-rate testing systems to meet specific customer requirements.

While the TMTS series of testing systems described elsewhere on this web site are very specific example of high-rate system Servotest has also developed other bespoke systems for more test-specific applications.

One example of this is the system shown in the image to the left (Servotest consultant shown to illustrate scale) and described below.

Developed for ENSTA Bretagne, in Brest, France this large versatile system is installed within the Mechanics & Systems Laboratory of Brest (ENSTA LBMS - EA 4325).

For further details of the work undertaken at this laboratory please click to download the LBMS Laboratory white-paper.


This high-rate testing system has a cross-head-mounted actuator capable of test velocities up to 20 m/s. One example of the application of this system is the study of impact/energy absorption specimens relating to passenger protection systems.

In the image show the specimen is being testing 'in air'. However the system can also accommodate a large tank (visible to the rear of the frame in the images) which can be moved into place on the large bed-plate to support testing of other types of specimens both on and in water.

This system is able to take advantage of many of the powerful features of the Servotest Pulsar digital servo-control system. These include options for running either block-cycle loading or time-history road-load data by utilising the power of the EzFlow test sequencing software and ICS control/analysis capability.

For further information on high-rate system options please contact us at our Egham office.