Company established in Feltham area of London.


Began operating as 'Servo Consultants' to advise industry on Servo Control applications. Developed a modular electronic system to control and monitor Hydraulic Servo Systems.


Servo Consultants designed a range of Servo hydraulic Actuators and Transducers that formed the building blocks of the first Dynamic Test Systems. The company rapidly expanded into Turnkey Servo hydraulic Vibration, Fatigue and Motion Simulation Systems.


Change of name to Servotest to reflect the changing emphasis from an engineering consultancy to a company designing and manufacturing Turnkey Test systems. Began developing Multi-Axis Test Platforms and computer controlled systems to generate six independent degrees of freedom.


Developed PC based control systems for use with its expanding range of dynamic test equipment. The sophistication of this digital control coupled with development of low distortion, high frequency response Servo valves enhanced the servo hydraulic performance capability beyond what was then available.


Management buyout saw the company go from strength to strength. Continued enhancement of PC based control software and development of 7 Poster race track simulator maintaining Servotest's premier position in the servo hydraulic testing arena.


New management structure introduced to realise strategic plans to expand global network of partners and agents and to develop the companies' consultancy and training services. Launched Pulsar the very latest in Digital control systems. The system is based on a revolutionary I/O system, using distributed fibre-optic technology.