The high-quality and high-performance core system components used by Servotest to configure complex bespoke testing systems. These are also available as stand-alone items for our customers to configure their own test system configurations.

Pulsar Digital Servo-Controller

The Servotest Pulsar digital servocontrol system offers high-performance DSP-based digital control for servohydraulic test and motion simulation.

Rotary hydrostatic bearing actuators

Servotest manufactures two types of rotary hydrostatic bearing actuators; dual-vane & 'push-push' torque. Selection of the appropriate actuator type is application dependent.

Linear hydrostatic bearing actuators

Servotest linear actuators are modular in design and provide many options for stroke, force and flow capacity.

High-precision and application-specific bespoke load cells

With many years of experience in the specification and manufacture of precision load cells optimised for specific applilcations.