Servotest is able to offer a refurbishment service for your older Servotest equipment or for equipment supplied by other companies. On arrival at our works the system is completely stripped, all parts examined and a report is produced for the production department, detailing the work required. This report is then used to produce your quotation and a copy sent with your quotation.

All parts are measured against drawings for wear and any parts outside required tolerances are repaired or replaced.

The bearing heads would be skimmed if required to take out any ovality, wear etc. The faces can then be re-squared to ensure perfect alignment during re-assembly.

If required piston rods can be ground and re-chromed to a plus condition to allow for take up of the loss of metal during the skimming of the bearing head.

All parts are cleaned prior to re-assembly and any damaged screw holes helicoiled and the system is re-assembled against the manufacturing drawings, all seals are replaced. After re-assembly the system is flushed, pressure tested and checked for overall operation.

For customer service enquiries please call +44 (0) 1784 274436 (direct) or contact our Egham office.