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Single- & multi-station test systems for durability testing and characterisation of damper & shock-absorbers

Shock motionServotest has been at the forefront of servo-hydraulic damper test machine development for over 35 years. Our systems can deliver the performance and accuracy required for even the most demanding applications, whether for single shock-absorber, MacPherson strut assembly or multi-damper setup.

MS shock 1With applications ranging from motorcycle and passenger car through performance vehicle and motor-sport to trains and military vehicles Servotest can configure a system to meet your needs.

With a primary focus on durability testing work our systems we can be offered in low, medium and high-force configurations. A wide variety of options are also available including;

  • Side-load actuation
  • Tilting load-frames for testing in both vertical and horizontal orientations (or in between)
  • T-slot base-plates
  • Crosshead-mounted actuators
  • Integration with environmental chambers
  • Other bespoke options as required

All durability testing systems can also provide an accurate determination of damper characteristics under a range of operational conditions.

03 Damper test fServotest damper testing systems are typically driven by a dedicated damper/elastomer test and characterisation application program running on the powerful Pulsar control system. This delivers damper-specific testing and reporting from an easy-to-use application-specific user-interface.

For more advanced testing Servotest damper test system customers can also take advantage of many of the powerful general features of the Servotest Pulsar multi-channel digital servo-control system. These include options for running either block-cycle loading or time-history road-load data by utilising the power of the EzFlow test sequencing software and ICS control/analysis capability.

03 Damper test gServotest also has significant experience of developing high-performance actuators and custom damper test load-frame configurations suitable for integration into production testing facilities. Typically these projects are undertaken in collaboration with a mutually-agreed third-party system integrator to take care of the automation and meta-data integration aspects.

For further information please download our pdfDamper/Shock-Absorber Test Systems brochure or contact us at our Egham office.

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