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New agent setup for India market

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Servotest announces new agency arrangements for the India market

Servotest is pleased to announce the appointment of Complete Instrumentation Solutions Private Limited (CIS) as our new sales and support agent for Civil Structural Testing applications.

In addition Servotest is pleased to re-confirm our relationship with Automotive Test Systems (ATS) as our sales and support agents for our Automotive Testing applications and related business.

Both agents are leading companies in their respective fields in India.

  • ATS was established in 2004 and has offices and centers at key locations within India including Delhi, Utta Pradesh, Maharashtra (Pune), Tamil Nadu (Chennai and Coimbatore), Karnataka (Bengaluru) to cater to the needs of the Automotive Industry in field of testing and validation.

  • CIS was founded in 2010, specialising in the supply, installation and after-sales services of laboratory and field instrumentation for use in Civil & Seismic applications. CIS offers a qualified team of geophysicists, geologists, civil engineers, structural engineers, instrumentation engineers and pavement engineers with extensive experience in configuring instrumentation around specific customer requirements.

Our China business partner BBK will play a leading role in supporting both ATS and CIS customers in India moving forward. BBK has a 40 people strong team with extensive experience from more than 100 successful installations in China to-date.

This new setup within India will enable Servotest to develop even closer relationships with our customers in India. Our agents will work together with our cusomers to create more value in the field of both automotive and civil structural testing.

Contact details for our India agents can be found on our agent page here India Agents

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