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Fuzhou University - China

aaaaaaaaaThe three bi-axial shaking table array system for earthquake simulation at Fuzhou University, Civil Engineering Department.

The three table system will provide a powerful research tool
to establish the seismic performance of complex structures
such as:

  • Power distribution, pipelines and electrical distribution
  • Rail and road bridge
  • High rise building models
  • Underground rail system
  • Vibration testing scaled structural models


Degrees of Freedom:                            3
Number of Tables:                                 3

Table Sizes:                                             4m x4m - 9650kg - fn 124Hz
2.5m x 2.5m - 2995kg - fn 220Hz

Specimen:                                               22T (large table)
10T (small table)

Displacement X and Y:                         500mm
Velocity X:                                                1500mm/sec
Velocity Y (small tables):                      1500mm/sec
Velocity Y (large table):                         1000mm/sec
Acceleration X:                                       1.5G with maximum payload
Acceleration Y:                                       1.2G with maximum payload
Table Separation

small table to small table:                 19.5 metres max between centres
small table to large table:                  1.35 metres edge to edge

Reaction Mass
length:                                                    30 metres
width:                                                     10.8 metres
mass:                                                    3500 tons

Hydraulic Power:                                 0.6 Mega Watt

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