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16th ECEE - Thessaloniki, Greece

16ECEE logowide

Servotest is pleased to announce that it will be participating as a Bronze Sponsor and Exhibitor at the forthcoming 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece from 18 - 21 June 2018.

When available the detailed conference schedule will be announced here 16ECEE schedule, with the event home page being found here 16ECEE home.

According to the organisers the conference program will be developed around a central theme, deriving from current scientific focus and progress in the sector of Earthquake Engineering and certainly focusing on the seismic risk mitigation, preparedness and management.

16ECEE pic1The 16ECEE will take place in both buildings of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The two buildings, M1 and M2, are right across from each other, just 150m apart. The exhibition booths will be placed next to the conference halls in both venue buildings.
  • The 5th Nicholas Ambraseys Distinguished Lecture and Keynote lectures will take place on the first floor of the M1 building
  • Theme lectures and all other sessions will be held in both buildings (6-8 different halls)
  • Coffee and lunch breaks will take place in both buildings, mainly on the second floor of M1 and the ground floor of M2, around the exhibition booths
  • Conference secretariat will also operate in both buildings, on the ground floor of M1 and M2

This event will play host to leading researchers from the field of civil structural, seismic and geotechnical studies worldwide.

Servotest personnel will be on-hand to discuss the variety of bespoke and tailored physical simulation systems that we can supply. These range from single-axis seismic simulators that are suitable for both teaching and real-time hybrid-simulation tecnique development, through to large scale single- & multi-table 6 degree-of-freedom systems. Information will also be available on a novel vertical-plane biaxial shake table and soil shear-stack that has been developed in conjunction with the University of New South Wales (Australia) aimed specifically at geotechnical testing applications.

We look forward to a productive and sunny event in June.

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