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Company Introduction

pdfServotest Company Introduction1.98 MB

Civil & Seismic Simulation

pdfSAST - Single-Axis Shake Table938.57 KB

pdfSAST with Real-Time Hybrid Simulation1.21 MB

pdfMult-Axis Shake Table (MAST) systems1.99 MB

pdfPseudo-Dynamic Testing825.38 KB

Vehicle & Component Test

pdf2-Post - Motorcycle ride simulation582.53 KB

pdf4-Post - Automobile ride simulation1.96 MB

pdf7-Post - Advanced automobile ride simulation - with down-force1.95 MB

pdfBall-joint testing1.16 MB

pdfDamper & shock-absorber testing1.31 MB

pdfVehicle-corner test rigs478.32 KB

pdfSteering test rigs4.06 MB

pdfClutch testing systems392.15 KB

pdfLeaf-spring testing systems175.82 KB

Vibration & Shake Tables

pdfHexapod MAST1.17 MB

pdfSingle-axis vibration systems & 'combos'1012.97 KB

pdfMulti-Axis Shake Table (MAST) systems1.99 MB

High-Rate Systems

pdfThermo-Mechanical Treatment Sumilation (TMTS) systems1.59 MB

pdfTMTS leaflet931.68 KB

Actuation, Control & Hydraulics

pdfPulsar digital servo-controller platform3.29 MB

pdfPulsar-1 (single-actuator) controller128.96 KB

pdfLinear hydrostatic-bearing actuators1.94 MB

pdfRotary hydrostatic-bearing actuators571.73 KB

pdfLoad cells893.26 KB

pdfSP-series multi-bay Hydraulic Power Supplies870.09 KB

Reprints & White-Papers

pdfReprint - Racecar Engineering, June & July 18, 7-post articles3.57 MB

pdfReprint - Testing Technology International, May 2003, ICS & 7-posters1.11 MB

pdfReprint - Racecar Engineering, Jan 01, 7-post rigs2.37 MB

Software Downloads (Coming Soon)

Pulsar Software Release 1.8 (for licensed users only)

1.8 Release Notes


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