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Major New Features in Pulsar v1.7

The version of your software can be determined by clicking 'About Pulsar' on the Pulsar Launch Pad or clicking 'Help > About' in the main Pulsar window.

Release Version 1.7

  • Damper Software Update
    • Now supports multi-head machines
    • Friction and Preload graphs added
    • Option to run either compression or rebound first in multi-speed tests
    • Option to toggle preload correction on damper results
  • SCRAMNet Support
    • Permits real-time connection to 3rd party real-time processor or other hub
  • Threshold Signal on Digital Outputs
    • Allows specific digital signals to be automatically turned on or off subject to signal level
  • Digital to Analogue DSP Object Added
    • Allows logging and processing of digital signals in DSP
  • EZFlow Improvements
    • Stop After Step button - Waits for the current step to finish before stopping the currently running EZFlow chart. Resuming will start from the next step
    • Improved duration estimation for iteration and table steps
    • Global variable values entered by the user are now saved between runs
    • Added toolbar to schematic view to show status of the currently loaded EZFlow chart
  • ICS now displays relative peak to peak errors at each iteration for non-zero target channels
  • Added Freeze Mean Level limit action to Servo Controllers
  • Mode Switch Trigger
    • Mode Switch can now switch modes automatically, triggered when a specified signal goes above or below a specified level.
    • Mode Switch Trigger EZFlow decision block available for this, that will set a trigger, execute one path until the mode switch is triggered, then jump to the other path.
  • Many software bugs fixed

Version 1.7 is now available for all customers with a Software Maintenance Contract, as of January 2018.

Version 1.8 Currently Under Development

Features to be included:

  • Windows 10 Support
  • New Optional Package: Multi-Axis Sine Testing Suite
  • Colour-Customisable Signal Monitors
    ...and more to come

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