Servotest converts Team CUBE™ in record time!

 Team CUBE 3bWorking on behalf of a leading automotive contract testing laboratory Servotest has successfully completed the conversion and rebuild of a Team CUBE within a 5-week planned down-time period.

The task set by our customer was to increase the reliabiity and reduce the cost-of-ownership of their system. Of particular focus were the noise levels and maintainability concerns relating to the high-peformance voice-coil servovalves used to drive the system.

While this type of servovalve offers high-frequency (>100Hz) performance this is at the cost of significantly increased complexity, both in terms of operation and maintenance. Furthermore these valves generate significant levels of 'noise', both audibly and within the test data.

Since, in this customer's automotive test applications test fequencies rarely exceed 100 Hz, the decision was made to to replace the voice-coil valves with MOOG G761-3055 2-stage servovalves. These have a rated flow of 65 litres per minute and give almost identical performance to the original voice-coil valves up to 100Hz. However, these also offer significantly lower noise levels and excellent control/axis matching.

Servotest was able to exceed the customers expectation both in terms of performance and timing. The system was converted and right back in the lab running a test, with its near-silent two-stage valves, within the planned down-time window.

The images below illustrate some of the steps within this process:

Team CUBE 1

Team CUBE 4

Team CUBE with the
internals removed




 Rebuilt internals with
new 'Silent' MOOG Valves

Team CUBE 2


Noise comparison
- red line MOOG
- blue line TEAM valves

 Team CUBE 3

The Cube all sprayed
& with a new skirt!


Do you have a high maintenance CUBE? Do you need it converted to a low-cost customer-maintainable unit? ...if so then contact us at our Egham office.

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